Most of my work is proprietary and confidential. Here are few of my projects that are in public domain or are defunct:
  • Great Photo Recipes (link) -- Wondering how amazing online photos were taken? Well, here is a website exactly for that! It's called a photo recipe. It's like having a cooking recipe, but instead of cooking, it's about taking great photos. Photographers share their best photos and explain what settings they used on the camera to capture them just right. Here, you can all sorts of cool things about photography and how to take better pictures!
  • gcp-mig-simple (on GitHub) -- is a contribution to the official Google Cloud Platform documentation and advanced demo's. It provides source code for zero-downtime blue/green VM deployments using Cloud Build and Terraform. It configures multiple regional external HTTP(S) load balancers and deploys a demo application to Compute Engine VMs in managed instance groups (MIGs).

    Watch the video of this demo running, follow the code walkthrough, or run this demo in your own project.

  • py-ae-dj (on GitHub) -- py-ae-dj (aka ToyBox) is an experimental project helping developers use Python on Google App Engine. It has minimal, but all nessesary tools for setting up, developing, testing, configuring, deploying, managining, and supporting a typical Python App Engine application.
  • Holochrome (on GitHub) -- is a chrome extension that allows you to easily log in and switch between your AWS accounts using a single key stroke.
  • Adaptive Workouts (link) -- a strength training fitness studio specializing in slow motion, high intensity Strength Training, also known as Super-Slow protocol or Body By Science "Big Five" workout.
  • Google Datalab for Machine Learning Education (on Github) -- open-source (Apache 2.0), machine-learning IPython Notebook exercises and classes for automation and management of Google Cloud Platform tasks.
  • Google Course Builder (at Google, on GitHub) -- an open-source (Apache 2.0), online education platform. Use it to create your online course whether it's for an entire university offering, professional training, or a corporate product. Few pictures: course outline, skill map table, skill map graph. Few articles: UniMOOC, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8.

    Here are a few videos of Course Builder in action! We are very proud of what we were able to achieve...

  • Khan Exercises for Wordpress (on GitHub) -- an open-source plugin for hosting Khan Academy exercises in your WordPress blog. Khan Exercises make learning complex subjects fun and they are free to everyone!
  • ITestYou (link) -- an adaptive education platform for Math, English Vocabulary, Foreign Languages and other subjects.
  • Authoratory (link) -- a unique database of contact information, professional interests, social connections and funding of 1,084,582 leading scientists!
  • JavaScript Crossword Engine (on GitHub) -- an open-source, fully functional crossword AJAX library. Shows crossword in the HTML page and fully handles interaction with user while the crossword is being solved.
  • (article) -- a massive, real-time, multiplayer online game portal, where players compete for massive financial rewards.
  • Linguine Maps (on Sourceforge, article) -- an open-source Java library that provides clean object-oriented diagramming API for graph visualization. It visualizes Apache Ant files, Hibernate and Apache Object Relational Bridge mapping files, DTD’s for XML and more.
  • Linguine Watch (on Sourceforge, article) -- an open-source package for real-time monitoring of Java software applications. The monitoring can be done by capturing performance data with snapshots or by reporting it in real-time to SNMP monitoring station. Generates SNMP MIB files automatically.
  • Protein Manager (article) -- scientific software for all aspects of proteomics & genomic research.