About Authoratory

Authoratory is a unique database of contact information, professional interests, social connections and funding of 1,084,582 leading scientists! Academia or the private sector, whether you seek an expert witness, a sales lead, an inside connection, a job, a hire, or a reference - its all here in Authoratory!

Authoratory is privately funded search engine for finding experts. mission is to help find and evaluate experts in the specific areas of life-sciences, including chemistry, biology and medicine.

The content of Authoratory is produced by a computer program analyzing large amounts of data from PubMed and other public and private sources. PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes millions of citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources.

The PubMed articles published by each author are carefully inspected by a computer program to create a personalized report. All of the reports are available here on the Authoratory web site. The social network, coauthors, and affiliations reports are show below:

Authoratory software data-mining techniques make it possible to discover new information about the authors - the information that is not apparent by reviewing one or two of their articles. For each selected author Authoratory gives the following:

  • the list of most frequent coauthors (navigate the social network between the authors using their join publications)
  • professional interests (as indicated by the MeSH keywords and by the statistical analysis of abstracts and publication titles)
  • author's affiliated institution and contact information
  • author's grants and funding information
  • the change of all these parameters across time
Authoratory keyword search is unique as well. It uses keyword frequencies to rank authors against each other. The more papers the particular author publishes for a specific keyword, the higher his rank is in the keyword listings. With Authoratory keyword search it 's possible to quickly find all authors with expertise in a specific narrow topic. The authors sorted by the frequency of keyword "Palladium" use are show below along with grants and funding report for the highest-ranked one:

Authoratory is a result of machine learning and data-mining research conducted by Pavel Simakov. This research includes tools for text analysis, fuzzy text summarization and keyword/keyphrase discovery. Given the fuzzy nature of the software algorithms and the underlying data, all Authoratory reports must only be considered as the approximate estimates of the author's real performance. As many other data-mining solutions, Authoratory is very powerful, but can be imprecise at times and have certain weaknesses.