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My Java Projects
Linguine Maps 1.4 - (LGPL, Java) A drawing application that generates easy-to-understand entity-relation diagrams from textual metadata. Extensible and customizable, bundled with metadata processors and diagram generators for Hibernate, Apache Object Relational Bridge, XML DTD, Ant build files.
Linguine Watch 1.2 - (LGPL, Java) A performance-monitoring framework, code library, SNMP agent and MIB file generator for adding performance counters to the large software applications.
WordMatrix - (closed source, Java) A statistical text analysis software used to answer these questions: What is a blog or a web site about? What are the personal interests of a blogger? What are the hot topics covered by a web site?
MySQL SNMP Replication Monitor - (LGPL, Java) A code library and the step-by-step guide to real-time SNMP monitoring of MySQL master/slave replication.
WordNet with Java and MySQL - (LGPL, Java) The code library to convert WordNet database into MySQL relational database and to access it programmatically with multidimensional navigation API.
My JavaScript, Action Script & PHP Projects
Khan Exercises for WordPress - (Apache 2, JavaScript, PHP) a plugin for hosting Khan Academy exercises in your WordPress blog.
JavaScript Crossword Engine - (LGPL, JavaScript, PHP) fully functional crossword AJAX library. Shows crossword in the HTML page and fully handles interaction with user while the crossword is being solved.
oySeig.php - (LGPL, PHP) SEIG - secure email image generator for phpBB and other PHP projects.
WaterCap - (GPL, PHP) Strong CAPTCHA with negative spaces and shadows for phpBB and other PHP projects.
oyXMLRPC.js - (LGPL, JavaScript) AJAX library with that encapsulates JavaScript XMLHttpRequest for handling multiple request concurrently, asynchronously and cross-browser. Shows how to use JavaScript prototypes and closures and to avoid mess in JavaScript code.
oyFlashDoc.jsfl - (LGPL, JSFL) A Macromedia Flash JSFL extension that creates XML report with the structure of the timelines, listing of all visual objects, and the Action script code embedded into any Flash FLA movie.
My Delphi Projects
Code Linguine 1.2 - (LGPL, Delphi 1-7) Source code parsing and query library created for a large scale reengineering, analysis and internationalization of Delphi applications. Has full LEX/YACC grammar of Borland Delphi.
My Popular Software Engineering Articles

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My Scientific Computing Articles

> Drug Discoverer. Science, 2002.
> I-Lab: Online Spectral Tool. Science, 2001, Vol. 291, No. 5511, Page 2179.
> Going GUI. Science, 2001.
> Sequence Server Samurai. Science, 1999, Vol. 285, No. 5431, Pages 1226-1227.
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